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Welcome to
Teo Studio

We're glad you came to visit and hope you're ready to dive into a new world that's all colorful, creative and inspiring. For anyone who is new and has not yet met this technique, we will be happy to briefly and simply introduce you to what it is all about.

Come, join us in this journey and be part of our Tufting Community by learning new techniques and creating joyful fluffy rugs.


Tufting is a modern version of the traditional art of carpet making. Thanks to the tufting gun, you can tuft a unique carpet quickly and professionally. There is a variety of tufting guns that allows you to play with different textures. We can influence the texture and the final result of our carpet by choosing the gun and combining different yarns.


The creative process involves several steps. To get started we will need to equip ourselves with a number of tools: a tufting gun, fabric intended for making carpets, threads, a stable frame that is suitable for stretching our fabric, glue for the back of the carpet and additional fabric for a beautiful and aesthetic finish. 

About our Studio

 The studio was established in 2021 by Tami, and currently operates in Israel and abroad. Teo Studio specializes in the art of tufting and  textile art. The studio's activity focuses on guiding creative workshops for private individuals of all ages, including youth, as well as commercial companies for whom it is important to consolidate their teams. Alongside the workshops, the studio is active and creates its own rug & interior product designs as well as customized design for commercial and private businesses. In 2023 the studio participated in the Design Week in Milan and in the exhibition of product designers in Budapest.


Come make a custom designed rug with us. In the workshop you will get a glimpse into the world of tufting and learn how to operate the gun and create your own carpet. 

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