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Teo Studio creates interior art design & accessories focused on tufting art and workshops. The studio was founded by Tami Ben Hanan and active in Israel and Europe. 


Among our clients: commercial companies, tech companies, art galleries, interior designers, and individuals. The artworks are made of natural materials and combine different hand and tufting techniques.

Founder: Tami Ben Hanan is Israel-born textile artist who focuses around the use of an air-compressed tufting gun and hand tufting textile techniques.

Tami's works are affected by personal experiences. Raw, exposed everyday encounters with textures, colors, shapes and nature are all the sources of her work.

Most of her creative process is generated by curiosity, play and the urge to explore which is translated visually into artworks that usually include abstract elements and different textures with a raw style.

מדיניות ביטול

ביטול סדנא

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